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Whiteness Meter is mainly applied to the measurement of the non-colored surface of a flat object or white powder, and can directly display the whiteness value.

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Whiteness Meter


Whiteness meter is mainly used to measure the whiteness of paper, paperboard, chemical fiber, textile, plastic, grain, starch, salt, white cement, porcelain clay and talcum powder, etc. It can also be used to measure the opacity and other optical performance of thin material.


1.Measure the diffuse blue reflectance factor (R457), which is also called “blue brightness” or “ISO brightness”.

2.Analyze whether the sample material contains fluorescence brightener, and measure the fluorescence brightness produced from fluorescence emission. I.e. brightness degree.

3.Measure the brightness stimulus value Y10 of sample, i.e. diffuse green reflectance factor Ry.

4.Measure the transparency, opacity, optical-absorption coefficient and light-scattering coefficient of samples.

Test standard:

GB/T1543,  TAPPI T 425,  ISO 2471

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