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Ink Proof Tester is designed to test the special color before printed in printing machine,The color matching work 

is completely changed into a work before printing, thus it can greatly reduced the production time of 

printing machine and reduce the consumption of papers, ink, rag, car washing water, human labor power 

and electricity consumption.

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Ink Proof Tester

Product Description

Ink Proof Tester is designed to test the special color before printed in printing machine,The color matching work 

is completely changed into a work before printing, thus it can greatly reduced the production time of 

printing machine and reduce the consumption of papers, ink, rag, car washing water, human labor power 

and electricity consumption


1. The machine allow operation to be more humanized and intuitive due to is adoption of the microcomputer automatic control system and a HD LCD screen with all functional parameter information displayed in details.

2. The built-in three ink distributing modes are personalized, satisfying different operation habits and special usages.

3. Its supports positioning during movement, intermittent and regular approaching, and free time and speed setting( available to set ink distributing time between 1 sec and 200 sec for each level and set speed as high, medium, and low.

4. For movement, there are three modes of medium-term Positioning, No movement and soft start available for setting, so as to reduce the color unevenness on left and right sides and prevent misting.

5. Built-in high precision synchronous motor can display accurately the current ink proofting pressure. Only with a simple press, can the ink proofing pressure be adjustable to current demanded value automatically.

6. The proofer and accurate ink proofing presssures can be obtained for all materials with different thickness. The pressure could be adjusted within 1-40 to 1-80.

7. The ink proofing speed can be preset in modes( adjustable among high, medium and low)

8. The printing rubber roll can be customized into that with tow, three or four color segments, so as to meet the needs under various practical use conditions and analyze more intuitively the contrast and accuracy of current ink swatches.

9. Types of color bars:45*200mm(4 pcs), 106*200mm(2pcs), 106*200mm/45*200mm/45*200mm(3pcs)

10. Users can select to use either common ink printing rools or UV rolls according to their actual needs. Various printed materials are supported, including newsprint, offset paper, coated paper, painting paper, writing paper, brown paper, gold card, Glover card, etc...thus realizing the mufti-purpose function.

11. In cleaning mode, the metal roll may rotate alone or together with the ink roller( clean&leave, clean&combine)

The cleaning speed is divided into three levels: high, medium and low.

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