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According to GB8167-87, GB8171 "dynamic cushioning material for packingcompression test method" test buffer performance of cushioning materials.

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Cushion Materials Impact Test Machine


Cushion Materials Impact Test Machine is used to evaluate the cushioning performance of the packaging material under impact and its ability to protect the built-in product during the flow. The impact load is applied to the cushioning material for packaging by using the free falling hammer, and the acceleration and static stress are calculated to determine the cushioning material Of the dynamic compression performance.

The buffer material testing machine system:

(1) using the speed detector developed, determination of instantaneous velocityat the start of the precise impact

(2) any circumstances can reliable acquisition impact acceleration time signal

(3) to filter the acceleration signal provides a variety of FIR digital filter, the signalwithout distortion, the performance for the mechanics of cushioning materials,development of new cushioning material is particularly important

(4) in linear or logarithmic display maximum acceleration static stress, cushioningcoefficientmaximum stress and dynamic stress - strain curve

(5) provide a variety of curve fitting program, especially the manual fitting, so that the more you work

(6) full automatic file name, without human intervention

(7) a graph line, so you can put the number of curves in a linear or logarithmiccoordinates in a picture, for study, mechanical properties, comparison of variousmaterials with different situations when the buffer performance provides a convenient

(8) even if the interrupt test, data will be stored, subsequent tests without starting from scratch

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