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The bursting strength tester can be widely applied to packaging materials, including general paper, corrugated paper, toilet paper, wrapping paper, etc., for leather, cloth, packaging film, etc., which can effectively monitor product quality.

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Bursting Strength Test Machine

Production Introduction:

Bursting Strength Test Machine measures (according to Mullen) bursting strength of paper, paper board, and corrugated board. Bursting strength is a traditional measure of paper strength and it is also a test requirement for corrugated board.


1.        Very fast testing cycle gives fast feedback to the production

2.        With automatic test grip instead manual hold the sample

3.        Improvement of the operational safety regulations 

>> equipped a cover between plants to protect the operator’s hand during testing

4.        Built-in LED light on the cover  

>>It is helpful to observe sample’s condition during bursting process

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