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Beer box sliding angle test machine manufacturers to test the carton skid resistance performance. Beer box or other packaging box stacking and transportation, if the surface friction coefficient is too small, easy to cause theslide, through the test, to improve the packing slip resistance performance.

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Beer Box sliding Angle Tester

Product Description

Beer Box sliding Angle Tester is used to test the sliding resistance of cartons. Beer carton and other packages are easy to slid with small coefficient of surface friction.

Design standards: DIN 53119-2-1997

The main feature

Haida international instruments is a professional R & D and manufacturing pull test machine, constant temperature and humidity box, carton compressionmachine detection instrument China first production base. Haida beer box slidingangle tester won the national utility model patent certificate and relevant international certification, 9 years of professional manufacturing experience, at present more than 5000 customer cases, 0.9% repair rate, 7*24 hours technicalsupport.


1 cleaning: always beer box sliding angle test machine cleaning, before and after each use cotton cloth wiping machine application, in order to keep clean.

2: a week in the machine surface rust metal parts of spraying a rust preventive oil(injection 2 hours after the wipe).

3 oil: regular monthly in machine transmission parts (such as screw) lubricating(use ordinary lubricating oil).

4 maintenance: regular inspection of the control panel button is normal.

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